By sheer luck I found these guys, FORTUNATE, from Sydney, Australia.  Much like the ocean air from their locale, their crisp harmonies sent a refreshing  breeze across the internet into my audible nostrils renewing my spirit for 4 part harmonies.

The group comprises of 3 brothers; Zay, Kiel & Jay (born in Sydney), while the 4th member Jojo was born in New Zealand, but all are of Samoan heritage.   The groups has made a successful debut into the “tube” world with about 2 million views since May 2011.   These guys are young, talented and only getting better, and have some really tight arrangements that will surprise you with hairs in standing ovation for the execution.

For 2012 they plan on composing more originals and grinding out gigs.  For more info, hit the gents up on their website by clicking on the pic or  >>HERE<<

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