Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly, half of the popular 90’s duo Kris Kross just passed away. He was 34.

Let’s take you back into time, 1992 to be exact.  I was in grade 8 (same age as Mac Daddy). Baggy jeans were in. Those shiny NFL/NBA Bomber Jackets were in along with the matching hats, tag still attached for some (I personally hated that look). Travel Fox shoes were cool. And speaking of shoes, the really lucky kids had the latest Air Jordans which at that time were the Air Jordans VII and shortly after, Air Jordan VIII. Baseball jerseys were also in.  Although these fashion statements were “the norm”, Kris Kross made the look unique.  Admit it, you wore your clothes backwards.  At least once.  I remember this boy Ryan in my class did that and I thought he was badass for doing so.

When they first came out I thought “Finally, another new young ass crew with some dope rhymes and style!”. This was also the same era as A.B.C.  so I was personally jonesing for more from around the same age group, style and sound, though, Kris Kross had a bit of a more mature and unique flow. Even they said so themselves: “Some of them try to rhyme, but they can’t rhyme like this”.

Here’s their first ever so popular first single that will forever be in the soundtrack of our lives. Directly below it is a very recent live performance of the duo at the So So Def 20th Anniversary All Star Concert.

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