One of my 2 favourite old school parties went on last night: Amnesia Anniversary Jam (the other is the Amnesia Boat Cruise). If you have not been to an Amnesia Anniversary jam, here’s what goes down:

  • You get your “save the date”
  • You start to anticipate the surprise guest performers
  • You wait until tickets go on sale
  • You continue to anticipate the surprise guest performers
  • You get your tickets
  • You start harassing Ian for clues on who the guest performers are
  • You anticipate those long ass emails from Ian with the list of past performers
  • Finally you start getting those emails and now more anticipation builds up
  • The clues come weekly and eventually it comes a few times a week closer to the event
  • You get glued to the radio to listen for more clues

…finally a few days before the big party, they’ll announce who one of the artists are (they usually have 3 to 4).  In recent years though, they’ve actually been telling Amnesia followers who some of the acts are.  As far back as maybe 4 years ago, they won’t announce anything until the day of.  Who knows what their reasons are nowadays but they’ve been good to us and have spoiled us with these parties.  One of the biggest parties in Toronto and this dream team which consists of Ian Andre Espinet, DJ Starting from Scratch and DJ Jason Chambers, barely make a dime out of these parties.  Everything they could’ve “earned” for that night is pretty much invested into getting these artists on stage simply so that we would have a ball.  Again they were successful.  The only con really is the sound quality as they tend to cater their mixers to their tables for the “party” and not necessarily the “concert”, but that’s pretty minor.  We still have a good time.

So this year’s acts were  mostly based from the 90’s era. The golden era. We were blessed with Mr. Cheeks (from Lost Boyz), Dres (from Black Sheep), dance queen Robin S and one of the hottest R&B groups of that era, Dru Hill. 

Infinite kudos to the Amnesia team for another stellar jam! And to all those Amnesia virgins who came out last night, you couldn’t have picked a better one. I’ve been to a number of these and I think this was actually one of the best ones I’ve gone to and it’s also thanks to your presence. Thank you!!! Until next time…….

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