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[House Humpday] Bob Marley – Could You Be Loved (House Remix)

Not only is it mid-week/humpday but more importantly, it’s Bob Marley‘s birthday. So to commemorate both days, here’s a remix to one of his classics.

[House Humpday] Masters at Work – Vega Radio

If you’re 30/40-something and you’re into the house scene, then there’s no doubt that Masters at Work are in your digital and possibly, analog crates.  Check out this mix they…

[House Humpday] DJ Big-Jacks – Break 4 Love

Grand Groove member DJ Big-Jacks finally dropped his anticipated house mix.  Rumour was that this anticipated mix was a compilation of some classic house jams, however, it’s more of…

[House Humpday] Pump Up The Volume – A History of House Music

Why we’re gonna do here is go back. Way back, back into time with this house music documentary. There are 3 parts to this documentary so pop some…

[House Humpday] Al Green & Jayanti – Simply Beautiful (DJ Chunk-A-Bud Remix)

Admittedly, I’ve been out of the loop with the house scene but obviously I always know when I like something and for good reason. This soulful R&B to…

[House Humpday] EleKtra Tek – Deep House Mix Series Hot Summer Nights (ep. 3)

Do you remember house?

[House Humpday] Stevie Wonder – Make Sure You’re Sure (Quentin Harris Mix)

This is normally Robbie Majors’ staple day but I also wanted to share this one. Pretty old mix, but I thoroughly enjoy this one. Maybe you will, too….