Hey y’all. Sorry, for the lack of updates. i’ve been super busy. Thanks to Erikutz for taking over for last week =) Much appreciated!

Last week (was it last week? maybe 2 weeks ago), Japanese super team M-Flo came out with their highly anticipated album “Square One”. It got a lot of hate for being a ‘sellout’ album, but to me it’s the best/realest album since their tripod era records. It feels like a true 3rd album even though its like their 6th. If you follow M-Flo, you’d understand it much more =)

Anyway, the album is tight. I’ve been on an electronic/house/bass/dubstep vibe these days, and this album is right up my alley. One of my favorite tracks is Sure Shot Ricky.

M-Flo – Sure Shot Ricky

The sample comes from a Japanese commercial for a toilet deodorizer. Apparently there was a contest to sing the theme, and a kid from Portugal named Miguel Guerreiro won. Who is Miguel Guerreiro? He is a Portuguese children’s pop singer who made his Top Ten album debut at ten years of age in 2009. Taku took the commercial and flipped and turned it into an M-Flo monster of a track!

Miguel Guerreiro – Shoshu-Riki commercial

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