What’s good, y’all? Again, sorry for missing out for the past few weeks. What can i say, its that time of the year when things start coming out of nowhere, but in a good way =) I’ll just get right into it this week and get into a classic that was ahead of it’s time.

From a personal survey, DJ Honda’s Travellin’ Man is a favourite and the #1 Mos Def song to many old school hip hop listeners. It was released back in 1998, when people were still buying cd singles. To be honest, i wasn’t a big hip hop fan until 2004, so i had no idea about this track back then.

The track samples Jerry Butler’s “Whatever’s Fair”. Even Mos Def acknowledges the Jerry Butler sample in the chorus with Jerry’s other song “Memories Don’t Leave Like People Do”.

The Lost Boyz also used the same sample for their track, “Only Live Once”. In my personal opinion, The Lost Boyz were truly underrated in the late 90s. However, they still got a their chance in the spotlight, even though it was all Puffy and Bad Boy during that era.

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