These nice reworks hail from a French producer based in London, UK by the name of Kensaye.  I’m a Bjork fan and can get a little over protective/apprehensive when people try and remix her work.  Firstly she’s hard as F to remix because vocally her timing/arrangement is so unique and unconventional that to do the job properly (on the back end) you have to chop samples mince meat to fit your traditional bass snare time signatures.

Kensaye did a great job with this one creating good contrast with the light harp sample, and the key change chord work in between verses.  Track has a nice groove/pacing that leaves you wanting to repeat it after it’s done.   Hats off on a job well done.  Kensayes  also has a pretty interesting online radio show I think avid music searchers will be able to hear some gold goodies.  Just keep in mind English readers, he is French so his commentary will be in French, but the music is universal…  check it here >>Kensaye Radio<<

Original Bjork Moon Video posted below so you can hear the difference.


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