We live in a great day of age when an M.C From New York can link up with a producer from Bulgaria and create a solid album without ever even meeting.   I’d like to introduce you to Lateef Dameer and Bulgarian producer Nurthice (don’t mind Nurthice’s FB link, he likes to keep things on the hush).  The NY Bulgaria collabo reminds me something along the lines if the late great  Nujabes (rest peacefully) and Mf Doom were to work on a project together.  River on Glass is definitely something you’d want to listen to if you’re a fan of either or.  Look forward to hearing what else these guys will be up to on solo or other collaborative projects.



Lateef was kind enough to tell us in his own words how this new project came about…


“‘I’ve known Nurthice for a few years now, we had originally met during they hey day of myspace. We initially only talk about music and critiqued each others songs until we eventually collaborated on a track. We kept in touch since then, we always talked about art, music and life. Throughout 2011 I was working on a solo album but I just couldn’t find the inspiration to finish it. Nurthice had sent me a track for my album and once I heard the music I found a piece of the inspiration that I was looking for. The song eventually became the the title track to our album “River On Glass”. We had felt so much energy behind the song that we decided to work on a project. A few songs had turned into an EP, which later turned into an LP with remixes from various producers that we respect. Throughout the period of working on this album I was (and still am) going through one of the most hardest periods of my life, a period where a few of my worst fears (or so I thought) were realized. I learned that what I thought I had lost I had all along, I just needed to bring it out of me.

Me and Nurthice have actually never met each other before, our only method of communicating with each other has been solely through either social media or email. I hope that this changes sometime during this year. Throughout my life I’ve occasionally rapped but I would consider myself more of a producer/mixer, this is the first project that I’ve worked on where I stepped back from that role and soley focused on being a lyricist.

On behalf of myself and Nurthice I hope that we can share an experience with our music, one that has spanned well around the globe.”




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