[News/Live] Canada’s Got Talent 2012 – Ken De Los Santos

Holy FuDGE! I am blown away by the caliber of skill that is coming into Canada’s Got Talent. I just finished watching the yutube last chance top 20 Auditions. Let’s get this on the table right now, my votes are stacked for Ken De Los Santos (clip below) …hands down. Although surprised (delightfully might I add) that he chose a classical cover of Andrea Bocelli’s – The Prayer, I’ve heard him perform live with Melodious Vibes numerous times and have heard him sing a variety of different vocal styles that have left me envious, awed and inspired at the same time.

I know the talent pool is going to be very deep for the inaugural season, but  how many will be one trick ponies? If you want t to avoid flashes in the pan and want that tingly inspired feeling every week… vote Ken De Los Santos !!  The Top 20″last chance” audition does not guarantee him a spot on the show, so do you’re part and get this guy in and VOTE VOTE VOTE!! Check out the video, vote for him today, tomorrow and throughout the entire season cause I know for sure you’ll be entertained every week.


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  1. A huge thank you for the vote, support, and kind words! I am truly grateful for this opportunity and hope you will all check out the link to Canada’s Got Talent and vote for me!
    Ken de los Santos

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