I think once in awhile (once a year for me bar minimum) we all sigh to ourselves and  say something along the lines of  “they just don’t make $hit  how they used to or even as far as “hip hop is dead”…and this time around as soon as it slipped my mouth, the hermes of hip hop came riding a f@%cking unicorn with a microphone for a horn, tomahawk threw this EP to my head and got it nodding like a fiend coming off the shakes.

J.Nolan and Reese Jones(on production) are the kind of artists/tomahawks you want thrown at your head and into your playlist, especially if you appreciate that old school golden era of hip hop kind of sound.  Together they collaborated on a 9 day musical mashup to create THE ARCHETYPE EP… a 5 track nodder that made me feel nostalgic, fresh and timeless at the same time. What boggles my mind is that these cats are “young” …not to say that I’m “old”, but I’d like to think my experiences have afforded me some refinement on the matter.    At such a young age these  two have put together  a  very mature and veteran sounding EP.    FYI…J.Nolan 22 … Reese Jones… 18 and going to Howard University.   (Don’t hate …I can hear ya’ll parents saying you can learn something from that.)

Heads are definitely going to want to get a hold of this 5 track ep and J.Nolan has hooked up the RAM FAM with this link here: THE ARCHETYPE EP oh and while I’m at it…side note if you haven’t heard all the ruckus from SOPA and PIPA please click here and get informed on the situation then click here to take action, this current issue effects reviveallmusic and all internet users on a variety of levels.


I was fortunate enough to get a short dialogue with J. Nolan about the making of the Archetype EP and here’s what he had to say.

 R.Majors: VA to ATL is over 400 miles from each other, how did you and Reese end up in collaboration?

J. Nolan: Well, we didn’t physically link up to do this EP in terms of meeting in a central location. We’ve been in contact with each other through the net for about a year now and decided to do a project together.

R.Majors: Have to love the digital age. What was the 9 day session experience like? Did you both come together with blank slates to pound out the 5 track ep? Or was there prep work before hand?

J.Nolan: The experience was very simple. We both had pretty clean slates; I had just finished working on my next full LP and Reese reached out to do some music. He would send me anywhere between 2 to 3 beats at a time and I’d pick whichever ones stood out the most. My writing and recording processes are relatively fast so once I was done with one batch, we’d get right to the next.

 R.Majors: For a young man of 22, you (and Reese on production) have a very mature/veteran style to your delivery, something definitely rare to hear especially considering what gets airplay on the radio these days…did you have a music mentor growing up? Who/what were your influences on the mic growing up and what music does J Nolan listen to these days?

J.Nolan: Thank you. I never really had a music mentor, it was more based on me and the people I had around once I started learning the craft. My close friends are dope artists, too, so we were always critical on each other and pushing to get better. A lot of people don’t know, but I’ve pretty much practiced every style of rap and gained a certain level of mastery in each to develop my own sound.

My main influences are NaS, 2pac, OutKast, Goodie Mob, and A Tribe Called Quest. I really gravitate towards the people that have genuine stories to tell and know how to make it lyrically interesting. The new guys I listen to are Kendrick Lamar, Danny Brown, and Stevie Crooks. Outside of them, my cousin Yung B Da Producer is like my favorite current artist. Not just because we’re family, either. He honestly makes me strive to make my own music better.

For more info on J.Nolan click on the pic below to visit him on bandcamp , facebook, or tweet the man himself on twitter @J_Nolan.

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