Grammy Award winning artist Adele has had a pretty exciting year. She started the year off with a whole wack of Grammy Awards.  Shortly after, she announced that she and new beau will be expecting their first child and as of 0:07 (London time), she dropped her new single from one of the biggest movie franchises in the history of movies 007 (see what they did there?)

There’s no doubt that there are many Adele fans out there but there is also no doubt that they may think that she is well overplayed, but really though, can you think of anyone else who would be well suited to write and sing for such a soundtrack? The only other other I can really think of who can pull this off from this generation anyway would be Lana Del Rey or Amy Winehouse (may she rest in paradise).  But that’s just me 😛

Anywho, here’s the new Bond theme song Skyfall.

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