International Party Players (Party’s On)
S.Boucher II. kyte
Recorded by kyte. Produced by Ran.
Mixed by Trell Blaze. Mastered by Bob Olhsson.

Track I did for another Indaba contest, everyone went traditional rnb, or dance, so I wanted to make it funky. With my limited resources I couldn’t put in the proper horns that didn’t sound so synthetic so I had to be a little creative with it. Placed 119 of 1400+ entries. Not too shabby. -R.Majors

The sky was the limit but the only criteria was to use the key stem Robert Glasper played. It was never made clear if the stem should be left intact so I did what any inquisitive child would do; I chopped it to pieces and put it back together with glue. I sampled the the sections of the keys that felt right(for me). I left the majority of his piece in order but shifted the piano and vocals to different places. Hope ya’ll like it!! -R.Majors

Totally flipped the switch on this remix in relation to the original and went classic house on them. Proud to say this foot shuffler will be available on Tracys remix album coming Early 2012 =D yessir! -R.Majors

Remix Track by Robbie Majors for the soulful and beautiful Jayanti. The original is Mr. Al Green. The cover Jayanti did was a very acoustic jazzy buttery smooth performance. I wanted to add a little head nod movement to it, so I added some 90’s  rnb flavour and took a cut off Mr. Murrays beautifulest thing in the world. -R.Majors

Remix I did  for Kreesha Turner’s Rock Paper Scissors, I really loved the ways she laid down her vocals and thought the original really took away from the fire she put into the track.  So I stripped it down and put it over a really simple house beat. -R.Majors

Got an email from the nice folks at AudioClef to have a go for Amber Davis’s Light Years remix competition. Veered away from the Euro Dance Trance that everyone else was going for at the time and came up with this goodie. -R.Majors

A friend of mine was constructing a mixtape and asked me to contribute a track. So, i made this one. This was around the time when i was bumping Lupe’s The Cool album in 2008. Personally, this is one of my favorite tracks/remixes that i made. I’m really happy with it. -Ran.