Are you a 30-something R&B music lover?  If so, this mix is pour vous! And if you don’t really speak French, this mix is for you (what I said is completely irrelevant…leamealone…I’ve only been up for about an hour).  But really, this mix by DJ Mark Marcelo is very enjoyable.  I sent this to a close friend of mine who then posted on her FB to never listen to any hype mixes while doing your nails. I saw her nails about a week later and I could see why. Not that they were messed up, just that it would’ve taken a lot of concentration to do.  This mix is also a favourite of my friends whom I play volleyball with on Thursday nights.  This mix has caused minor injuries during games as players were too busy dancing on the court. Not even kidding.

Anywho, enough rambling for me and start the downloading, homies!  Enjoy!



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