Everytime I’m about to go on a drive, especially a lengthy one, I spend anywhere from 5-10 minutes going through my ipod and looking for that perfect driving mix.  As of late, I’ve been listening to many albums from Emeli Sandé to Kimbra to Usher (all are definitely worth checking out and listening to, by the way. Check out their new albums! Special thank you’s to J and Kim for the recs!), so I haven’t been listening to many mixtapes as I normally would. Because of that, I haven’t really been on a hunt for some new mixes thus, I’ve been slacking with my Mixtape Monday posts.  Sorry, folks!

I was driving to my softball game yesterday (GO WILDCARDS!!) and wondered if DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick Boogie compiled another mixtape to add to their Summertime series.  Lo and behold, they did and here it is!!




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