Today marks the 1st year anniversary of Amy Winehouse‘s untimely death.  To me, a week is not really complete without listening to one of her albums. One I was listening to this past week was Frank. Brilliant album and very different from Back to Black. Though I got into her debut album a little late, I couldn’t be more pleased when I did get into it.  Even with the convenience of having a million albums in digital format these days (if I’m without my iPod, I feel naked. I would probably even pick my iPod over my cellphone any day), I still have to have that CD in my hands.

A few weeks ago, I shared with you Terry Urban’s Me & Mrs. Jonesa compilation/mash-up of NaS and Amy tracks. For those of you who missed that post and the opportunity to download the mix, you can download it here.

For this week’s mixtape Monday and as mentioned, Amy’s anniversary, I share with you AudioSavage‘s The Final Frame: A Mixtape Tribute to Amy Winehouse.

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