About 12 years ago, I saw Erykah Badu perform live for the first time. That time, she was on tour for her second studio album (or third if you count her Live album) Mama’s Gun. Her opening acts were Musiq Soulchild and Talib Kweli. Wow, right?! I remember being in such awe with her performance and her theatrical stage presence.  I clearly remember feeling so relaxed and in this incredible zen mode when she sang Orange Moon that I almost fell asleep.  Trust me, it wasn’t an insult. I was just that relaxed.

So now 12 years later, I see her again and boy can I just say that she hasn’t aged a bit.  She’s as cleva as eva. Her vocal range had also increased and as much as she still sounds the same, her voice had grown and matured.  She was also as theatrical as ever so not only did you hear her music, you witnessed her music through her body.  It was honestly like watching musical theatre.  The Cannabinoids were also as dope as ever including her opening act DJ A1 who prepped the crowd on the decks.

Normally I really make sure to get a good spot in order to get some good footage but I honestly wanted to enjoy the show as much as I could, thus I did just a few recordings some of which are not complete.

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