As you may or may not know, the ReviveAllMusic family represent the city of Toronto.  It’s a great city with many talented artists and our city does get blessed with the presence of big artists occasionally.  But cotdammit, it’s not enough! It’s shows likes these, the rare and intimate ones that make me wish I lived in New York (and sometimes LA).

Not sure if you (Torontonians) have heard but D’Angelo was booked to have a show next month but after just 2 days, they had backed out. I had personally sent an email to the promoters and have yet to hear from them (this was weeks ago).  I’ve given up on hearing back from them but my dream to see this wonderful artist still lives on.  I pray to the musical gods that they drop this man and his band on stage here this year.  I will however, go on a mission to find the nearest venue, perhaps even back in NY for any more of these performances which will hopefully fall on the same dates as my stay in the Concrete Jungle.  But for now, I have these to watch and enjoy. Hope you will, too.

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