As you know, we are generally a music blog; sharing music videos of artists whom you have heard of and also the ones you have not heard of. We revive all music.  We do our best to share what we see and what is shared with us in order to make people ‘famous’ or ‘be heard’ and ‘be seen’.  Today, we are hoping to make one man incredibly famous. Joseph Kony. Joseph Kony does not have a band but he has an army of child soldiers. He kidnaps children, brings them into his army, hands over a gun to them and even forces them to kill their parents. If ever they try to escape, they are gunned down.

This man needs to be stopped and the man who created this video has been doing more than bending over backwards to try and get Kony arrested with the help of the public.


Here’s what we you can do to help:

~ SHARE THIS VIDEO ~ SIGN THE PETITION ~ DONATE ~ Donations will help fund the U.S. Government to help send the troops and also to provide the necessary technology and equipment to the locals to help track down the world’s biggest criminal as well as to help protect the visible children.  But the really most important part is to share and make Kony more famous than the biggest celebrities out there.  The more people are aware of his crimes, the better chances are in stopping him for good.  

For updates, you can visit and LIKE the Invisible Children Facebook Page HERE.

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