andreaHappy house humday new year!!  This one will be a love hate listen.  It takes a good long while for (what I consider to be) the memorable part of the track to kick in.  I hope someone does a rework to loop that part in a few more times.  But on a positive side the length and consistency of the track is going to be a long foreplay session for any dj that wants to work that groove into their set.

Credits to Andrea Oliva for the remix.  I like it much better than the original.  Sorry Luci, it’s probably the key synth used but for some messed up reason in my head when I hear the original , I think of Depeche mode’s – I just can’t get enough mixed with something Rick Ashley’s producer would have thrown in lol.  Anyways, good job all around.  Andreas is top, original mid, surprise below. Happy Humpday 3 days left!

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