Janet Damita Jo Jackson, youngest of the Jacksons and all-around super star is celebrating her 46th birthday today!

Not a day really goes by without me listening to at least a few of her tracks and whenever I do, it just puts me in a good mood.  I’ll even pop in her concert DVDs every now and then just so relive those moments.  I must say that I have been spoiled to have gone to her Velvet Rope Tour, my first EVER concert.  Have also been spoiled the past couple of years, seeing her twice!! She is by far one of the greatest entertainers in the game.

Anywho, here are few of my fave Janet videos/tracks that I will most certainly jam to. Now if only one of my fave DJ’s would drop some best of Janet mixtapes. I’m talking to you M-Rock! Oh and Jojoflores, hook us up with your Think Janet mix, will ya? Tankyavermach.





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