A while ago, we went on about how music is a universal language.  That particular post (which is now lost in cyberspace thanks to a site update) was in reference to Dutch emcee from Rotterdam who goes by the name of of MūSiz, alongside one of his partners in crime CB 010. Together they dropped a simple yet dope black and white video (big up to Me We for their production!) rhyming in their native tongue. You can check out that track HERE.

Another Universal Language of Hip Hop post of ours that was featured which also got lost in cyberspace was MūSiz’s collaborative work with another Dutch emcee Catharsis. Together they dropped (another) Me We produced video which you can peep right HERE.

And now, let’s fast forward to the present shall we? The emcees have since collaborated and formed a group called Catharsis Redux alongside some other Dutch emcees and beathsmiths – Present, Don Gino, Mil, CB 010 and J. Fusion. Together these guys dropped Afrique. 

As with the other Dutch hip hop videos mentioned above, I obviously don’t understand a word they’re saying. But as a lover of hip hop, sometimes hearing the beats and flow will do enough justice. The beat itself reminds me of the Golden Era; specifically either a RZA or GZA production. But that’s just me 😛

Peep the video for yourself to understand this foreign yet well known language of hip hop. Hit the jump below the video for the English translation.

AFRIQUE_Catharsis Redux -ENG translation

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