This is probably the most refreshing find I’ve had the past decade.  With technology swallowing and converting all my beloved instruments into a simple to use VST or App,   Kyle Cox and Jim Dusin have (with much credits to their invention going to Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer , creators of the Hang instrument/sound resonance) re-invented the wheel and created a new lineage  with the Halo Drum, a new line of resonance steel instruments having roots from the steel pan.

Designed to engage the body and mind of each player in it’s own way.  Technically there’s no wrong notes to be played, with that said, it’s the perfect instrument for improvisation and meditative exploration.  Click the link below and you’ll be prepared to have your mind blown.  Picture the meditative oneness from a singing bowl, with the timbres and resonance of a steel pan, with the expressive nuances of a bongo or dejembe.  I WANT ONE!!


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